Friday, July 22, 2005

Welcome to Business Analysis

Business Analysis is what I do for a living. It primarily falls within the Information Systems & Technology discipline, but it is probably the least well known or understood skill in the IS/IT industry.

My best descriptive analogy is that of an Interpreter; I work with business people who have money, and want an information system, to define, analyze and document what they want (usually called "The Requirements"), and do it in such a way that:
1) the business people can understand and review the Requirements in order to agree it is what they want (usually called "Approval" or (Sign-Off), and...
2) ..Information System designers and programmer can understand the Requirements, such that they will design and build the system that the business wants.

That leaves us with two major topics that I want to discuss in this, my first blog:

I. How do you get Business People to tell you what they really need, and..

II. How do you document it in such a way that everyone who needs to understand the Requirements, can in fact understand them and use them as needed as input for their own work.

If you want to read about such topics, and expecially if you have comments and experience in Business Analysis, then welcome to my Business Analysis blog. I am going to spend this weekend mulling over what I want to write about first, and then we will be off.


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