Monday, October 31, 2005

Integrating Requirements Deliverables

Some of the requirement Deliverable integration possibilities have been touched on in the previous postings. Listed together, they are:

- Process Maps identify all steps of a process, and a Process Step can indicate when a Use Case is used in the Business.

- Use Cases can include the Declarative Requirements for the Information System/Solution.

- A Data Model will document all data items used within the scope of a set of Use Cases, and is cross-referenced in the Use Case for the data items used by the latter.

- Business Rules can also be documented across the scope of the Business being analyzed, including both the set of Use Case and the overall Process Map, as a Business Rule may be invoked at different points and times with the Business Operations. Use to date has shown they can then best cross-referenced in:
o In the Use Cases whose execution is impacted by one or more Business Rules
o In Process Maps at Decision Points, as Business Rules may play a role in deciding which path within a Map should be followed in any one execution of the Process

I have a diagram showing the relationships, but my blog site does not want to accept an upload of it. I will keep trying, but in the meantime, contact me at and I will send you the diagram (as a bmp file).

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