Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Thoughts for the New Year

In no particular order:

  • I still have a ton of material from the Business Rules Forum, and I still have to figure what I want to say about it here, maybe some attributed highlights from the sessions?
  • If you consider yourself a Business Analyst, you need to join the International Institute of Business Analysis, www.iiba.com ...don't wait any longer
  • Process Models: how do they get so big? If you have one Role/Swimlane doing many sequential tasks, don't have one process model 'box' for each task, put them all in a single procedure document and refer to it from the Process Model.
  • Why do some Business Analysts believe they also have to be Project Managers and Testers as well? I would assume it makes you more marketable, but they are very separate skillsets from Business Analysis... and if a lot of you keep doing it, then companies will still keep asking for them in Business Analyst job descriptions.
  • Why don't IT/IS magazines really write about Business Analysis? Are we that un-sexy?

...more later.

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Anonymous said...

I've been job hunting for the past few months and STRONGLY agree with you about the "dream" wish lists that HR departments are putting together and calling Job postings.
You should see some of them. It starts with Business Analyst and ends up wanting a DBA and web developer plus project manager and mainframe MVS nightime oncall tester. Whew, talk about multi tasking and cross training!
Funny part is the recruiter in the H/R dept is not understanding what the hiring manager has truely asked for.
How many good qualified people do they miss by handling the process in such a manner?

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