Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Agile falls short, says author

Software development concept hasn’t blossomed: McConnell
By: Paul Krill(31 Mar 2006)

From Computerworld Canada: www.itworldcanada.com
The article is at http://www.itworldcanada.com//Pages/Docbase/ViewArticle.aspx?ID=idgml-8e5499c3-e4fe-49ac-8230-9fa5a564512e
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Steve McConnell lists his worst ideas of Agile, my favourites being:

•Requirements are always changing.”[The] single most common source of changing requirements [is] requirements that were not significantly investigated in the first place,” said McConnell.

• Requirements can be gathered or they just drop out of the sky like manna from Heaven.

• Entrepreneurial companies cannot be afraid of risk.

• One single development approach will work best for all projects.

Mr. McConnell is a published author on software topics; while I don't know what his original views of Agile might have been, he has certainly laid a shot over the bow of agile proponents.

Comments, anyone?


Akshay Dhavle said...

With the rate at which markets change, an enterprise would better not get any software developed than to have the requirements "properly" investigated, don't you think??

David Wright said...

Sorry Akshay, I am not sure I understand your point.

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