Wednesday, July 19, 2006

That book on Requirements Analysis was just delivered...

"Requirements Analysis: From Business Views to Architecture" by David C. Hay.

I have just finished the Forwards and Introduction, and I believe Mr. Hay may have already written the book I have thought about writing myself (assuming one can actually write a book just because you want to...).

I could wax on about specific quotes and lines of interest, but the Introduction is excerpted in full at ("Look Inside The Book"), along with the Table of Contents, so I recommend all Business Analysts go to Amazon and read it... and then I am sure you will want to buy the book.

Why is this a book I wish I had written? It is not a sales pitch for any one methodology, it is the sum experience of a working Business Analys/Consultant who has seen ALL the methods and models out there, now and in the past, and has taken Zachman's Framework and populated all the row 2 and 3 cells with all the Artifacts one might use; and then he sweeps across the columns speaking to all the artifacts and how you might use them. He emphasizes that the Data and Activity columns have the most artifacts, because that is where most of the analysis work has been done over the last 30 years; but he then states he is going to keeping moving to the right to those columns where not many have gone before, all the way to Motivation, and mentions some artifacts that will be unfamiliar to most people ("filters", "attenuators?").

So, on to Chapter One: "A Framework for Architecture"...


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