Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Requirements Networking Group, and other stuff...

If you are reading this for the first time, and/or have been here before, do leave a comment to let me know if anyone is reading this.

I have also been blogging over at http://www.requirementsnetwork.com/ as well, re-working some previous posts from this original blog and waxing on about other things; one thing it tracks is how many people have read your entries. There is also a good forum section, and some notable people are using the site, like Alastair Cockburn and David Hay. You need to join the site, which has fee, but leave a comment here saying you would like to join, and provider a little info about yourself, and your email,... I can send you an invite to join free.

Speaking of David Hay, I am reading through his book that I mentioned in an earlier post, "Requirements Analysis: From Business Views to Architecture". The meat of the book is a chapter for each Zachman Framework column. As expected, Data and Process columns have a lot of material and model types, but his chapter on People starts with saying there are virtual no common models for this column;so, he looks at Beer's Cybernetic models as a method for documenting how an Organization works as a system, made up of lower-level sub-systems. I think I will be reading that chapter again to absorb more, if I can.

I think I said earlier that I would review this book, but at the halfway point I think can succintly praise it as a book I wish I had written(!).

That's all for now...


Kevin Brennan said...

I'd appreciate an invite.

Kevin Brennan
VP, Body of Knowledge

PS. Did you get my email?

Bob Savage said...

Good to hear that there is a new book which discusses Beers' Cybernetics model. I first read about it in Systems Approaches to Management by M. Jackson, and was amazed at how well developed his ideas were. When I went to Amazon to find copies of his books, I found that they cost a lot because they have been out of print. Apparently the VSM has been successfully used in modelling systems at all different scales.

Scott Sehlhorst said...

Hey David,

I'd love an invite too, if you have some remaining. I run Tyner Blain and also write the articles for our blog.

Scott Sehlhorst
President, Tyner Blain LLC

Oh yeah, I've been reading for a while - and look forward to reading your articles at the requirements network. I signed up for the free membership (per your 8/24 post), so maybe I don't need an invite.


David Wright said...


The invite was for the free membership, so indeed you do not need one now.

Just curious, where are you and Tyner Blain physically located?

Craig said...

Hey there

I am reading from Melbourne. Dont need an invite to RQNG - already got one a while back.

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