Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Memories of IT - 2003-2006 - Business Rules, and blogging

So, I was back in the trenches. Most of the projects were enhancements of existing systems, while building up to a replacement of the main loan application processing system. I did a little project management along with Business Analysis on smaller projects.

One thing I did get some time to research was Business Rules, starting with the Business Rules Manifesto, and reading of proponents like Ron Ross. I worked on getting Business Rules defined explicitly in the company's requirements documents, which went well; I also attended 2 Business Rule Forum conferences, and did a track session at one of them on our use of rules in requirements.

I did the track session because it reached the point where I had been to enough conferences over the years that I thought I had something I could offer, rather than just attend. The conference organizers seemed to agree, as I did a few other Business Analyst World conferences on how I was doing requirements work.

Also, I had been ignoring the rise of blogs, until it became apparent to me at some point that it wasn't just for young people sharing their feelings and thoughts on movies; blogs on business and IT topics were emerging, and again I saw them and thought "I can do this", so I started this blog and did one over on IT Toolbox for a while. Being a Business Analyst can mean writing a lot, and I have found the blog a great outlet for writing that is not specifically for a project. I highly recommend it...

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Alena said...

David, it was a right decision to start blogging. I wish you good luck!

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