Monday, February 25, 2013

Celebrating a 5 Year Anniversary

I am celebrating of those significant work anniversaries in 2013; I have now been a Requirements Consultant for five years with IAG Consulting. For some decades before 2008 I was an employee of several different organizations as (early on) a programmer and then a Business Analyst. As those years went by, I had begun to wonder if doing business analysis as a consultant was a viable career choice; finding IAG Consulting showed me it could be, and it would be tough to see myself resuming my earlier life as an employee. As a consultant, virtually every work day is meaningful and delivers value to a client; you frankly get the focus and involvement of people when you are a clear cost, more than (sadly) an employee Business Analyst usually gets.

On the other hand, I could probably not be the effective consultant I am today without at least many years of the experience I gained as an employee. One thing as an employee does have is usually the chance to attend conferences; I also participated in industry-level standards efforts at different times. In the end, though, the move to consulting was right for me.

Since then, I have worked on projects for dozens of companies, working with hundreds of good business people to help them effectively and completely define their requirements for processes and systems. I expect to be at it for many years to come, so if you organization is looking for this kind of help, come visit us at to see what we (and I) can do for you.

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