Thursday, April 10, 2014

Disciplined Agile Manifesto? Good but not what is needed...

Scott Ambler has posted his/DAD's updated Agile Manifesto at

It is indeed an improvement, widening the viewpoint and scope of what is involved in delivery of solutions... and yet, it does not deal with the nature of its objective, the 'consumable solution'. At some point there will be diminishing returns on the ability to deliver the best solution. Ninety percent of the cost related to a solution is incurred after it is delivered. The ability to deal with changing requirements after delivery is more important than before delivery, and yet software is delivered that deals with the moment, and the problem is that changing it after delivery takes too much time and effort.

I have said this before, but what we need more than agile solution delivery is agile solutions; solutions that are designed to accept change without needing to make changes to the solutions themselves. Business process management, Business Rules Management, mix-and-match services. All this out there, but does not get the profile it deserves.

So who wants to help me write an Agile Solution Manifesto? "we prefer configuration over software maintenance..." No, we demand configuration over software maintenance.  Who's with me?

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