Thursday, February 23, 2006

A little off topic:

If you are in IT/IS or are a general web enthusiast, you are probably familiar with the Networking sites out there that seem to be a business version of "Six Degrees of Separation". I personally belong to after being invited to join by a valued former co-worker. I now have 10 direct connections, and it can be interesting to follow through and see who is in your network when you go two or more connections into it. I haven't found the site terribly useful in any practical way yet, but the potential is there, I think.

In any case, linkedin now offers to put your 'profile' on the web with your own URL, so I have done so at . You can choose how much information you want to publish and how much you want to keep private.

Anyway, now I want to see how long before I turn up on a search at .

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