Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Memories of IT - 1975 - why would you major in Computer Science?

Last year of high-school, Toronto Canada, 1975... can I recall what was driving me?

Other than my "Fortran Programming" course, my focus is on sciences (physics and chemistry, but not biology) and maths (calculus, functions), a little English Lit, and Music, as a drummer.

I am 18 years-old, shoulder-length hair, playing drums in a garage-band, I momentarily scare my parents with the idea of skipping university and trying to be a rock-and-roll star. However, the band never gets out of the garage, I can't sing or write music, and the number of drummers in the local union is large. I was going to be(and eventually would be) the first person in my family to attend university, I had the marks for it, and my analytical bent won out, seeing a degree as something that would my life more successful.

But what would I take? Thoughts of Law were entertained, but then I looked through the course calendar for the University of Toronto, and there was a whole section/discipline on Computer Science. Well, I was the master of Fortran programming, and computers were becoming more known in general as a source of future careers. I elected for a less theoretical program, with a commerce/business minor, as the road to future employment bliss, and just like that, the next 35 years were based on that decision as a teenager. I applied to UofT and other major local schools, was accepted most everywhere, and signed up for U of T for the fall of 1975.

Next Time: Starting University.

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