Saturday, August 22, 2009

Memories of life in IT

I have just been doing the math, and I have been doing IT Projects for 30 years now (I started young...). It made me think that I do have my share of experiences that, if written down, some small number of people may find interesting. Seems to me a blog is great for that.

I would call this memories rather than a "memoir"; the latter would imply I have spent time researching myself and might, for example, be able to name all the people I went to school with or have worked with over the last 3 decades; not gonna happen. People who write Memoirs were also usually prescient enough to keep a diary or journal since a young age, but not I.

But, I don't think anybody will be checking my facts or lack of them; and as a blog, any reader of a certain age who wants to chime in is most welcome.

Where does it start? Spring 1972, 10th Grade ( or "Grade 10" as we called it in Canada), looking at optional courses for 11th grade in the fall, and my eyes come upon "Computer Science"; sounds interesting, what the heck...

I wrote these posts almost 10 years, and thought I would revisit them, see if remember things any better, and add on as well, so here we go...

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