Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Software Engineers? real ones?

Anyone who attended an Engineering School for Software Engineering, I would like to hear about your experiences and the merit of what you learned. I often like to propose to people that software development should be following an engineering approach, as opposed to craftsmanship or "artistry', but I am not an engineer, I took Comp Sci in University (a long, long time ago, in what now feels like a different universe).

So, please use the comments section for this post to educate me on real Software Engineering, it will be greatly appreciated.

2 comments: said...

Long time, no hear - the Agile argument is pretty strong of late - with some merit if nothing else because it cuts through the "upper" slowness still prevalent in big organizations...

David Wright said...

Indeed, agile is maturing well, the code-first-think-later types seem to have moved on.

But, is it taught in engineering schools?

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