Thursday, May 03, 2012

Writer's Block

I have this current desire to write something meaningful about business analysis, and information systems in general, but the spark of a topic eludes me. I have been prowling aroung the various LinkedIn groups, then over to Modern Analyst, and then to BA Times... leaving the occasional comment on somebody else's post, but even other peoples' posts seem to be covering mostly the same ground: BA social skills, ruminations on agile, etc.

Other things I have grown tired of include programming as an art (it isn't), and the mis-use of the terms "iterative" and "incremental"... maybe I am just getting old...

I remind myself that I am always looking for more about the confluence of business process managent, business rules management and data services, but don't see much. The vendors are getting there, IBM of course, and a search finds offerings from SAP and Bosch, but I don't get the sense that anyone is actually doing it.... or, they are and keeping it quiet, since the potential for improvement can greatly increase competiveness.

Anyone have any tales to tell about this?

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Dimitri Vratsanos said...

Although we do not have much direct exposure to this other than the theoretical ramblings of vendor stuff and the occasional white paper, I suspect that it is as you say – there is a lot of talk but very little commitment - I guess because a lot of the toe dipping that’s happened with these technologies has led to nought.
Dimitri Vratsanos, Digiterra South Africa

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